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Revolution on cards, oppressors to die a death: Dr. Qadri

Addressing his supporters camping at the D-Chowk Islamabad, the PAT chief said the fire of hell would not touch those who were fighting for the sake of Almighty Allah.

Dr. Qadri said rulers were bent on living their lavishing life style while the poor were being pushed towards more hard-scrabble life.

He slammed the ruling PML-N regime and said their government would soon be overthrown by the ‘sea of people’ gathered in Islamabad, seeking their rights.

It’s been around a month that PAT and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf launched their march against the government, demanding its resignation and re-elections under a revamped electoral and political system.

The government, however, has categorically denied resignation by the PM, as demanded by the PTI and PAT. It may be noted here that no outcome has yielded out of the talks between the government and protesting leaders so far.



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