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Rice exporters bag $4 million orders initially from China

Pakistani traders have fetched rice export orders worth 4 million dollar from China during a recent visit. Shipment of these orders will start from second week of February right after Chinese New Year's holidays. A 25-member delegation of rice exporters has recently visited China to further explore the emerging rice market.

While talking to senior vice chairman Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), said the visit successful as initially exporters have got about 10,000 tons of rice orders. We had very interactive meetings with Chinese authorities and leading rice buyers. Chinese consumers take keen interest in Pakistani rice especially "long grain" because of its high quality. He said.

After fulfilling the trial orders, we are hopeful to get export orders of huge quantity of Pakistani rice in future and trade between both the friendly countries will increase in a significant ratio.

He said, Pakistan's rice exports to china witnessed 500,000 metric tons during FY-13, after successful visit, we are optimistic that, exports of Pakistani rice would cross 0.7 to 1.0 million metric tons at the end of FY14.

To gain maximum foreign exchange from China and extract maximum price, we must focus on bilateral trade, which ensures better pricing due to less freight costs and swift transfer of funds as compared to other far of countries." he added.

This is pertinent to mention that Chinese buyers require rice with good milling quality and with this opportunity, value addition in rice would increase and subsequently more employment opportunities would be available for skilled laborers in the country, he added.

He requested the government to send Reap delegations to China on regular basis at least twice in every financial year, to maintain and increase the market share of Pakistani rice, as the Pakistani rice exporters are putting huge investments and developing their infrastructure by installing latest rice machineries and plants for improving their capabilities to cater the export orders.



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