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Rickshaw driver succumbs to burns after self-immolation against ‘cop’s extortion’

KARACHI: A rickshaw driver who set himself alight on Saturday as a protest against the alleged extortion by traffic police succumbed to severe burns on Monday.

After being treated for two day at Burns Centre of Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital, rickshaw driver named Khalid lost his battle of life.

According to details, the body of Khalid was 50% burnt in the self-immolation incident.

The family of the rickshaw driver said that Khalid’s death has set an example against the misdeeds of this society and “now the police officer responsible for this tragedy should be taught a strict lesson so that nobody dares to take bribes.”

A day earlier, the additional Inspector General Police (IGP) also paid a visit to the rickshaw driver.

Additional IGP, Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh said, he tried to financially help the victim, but the family of the burnt driver refused to take any aids.

Rickshaw driver’s statement

On Saturday, Shahid sprinkled oil on his body and set himself on fire near the city police office in Saddar.

Rickshaw Driver

In his statement being shared on social media, Shahid alleged “ASI Mohammed Hanif have been extracting Rs100 from him daily. I gave the policeman Rs50 on Saturday, but he insisted on Rs100 and on refusal the ASI handed me a challan.”

According to details, the incident took place as a protest against the alleged extortion by the cop, as the rickshaw driver was recorded saying that he was ‘frustrated’ with daily challan and alleged ‘extortion’ by the traffic police.




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