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People stuck in high-peak ride for hours at Karachi’s amusement park

KARACHI: Lack of security and maintenance following the negligence of an amusement park’s management put people’s life into danger as a high-peak ride stuck in the middle for hours, ARY News reported.

The incident was reported from a sea-themed mini-amusement park, Chunky Monkey, where an anti-plunger ride which moves more like an open and rotating elevator was suddenly stopped, resulting into people stuck in the air for around two hours on Tuesday’s late night.

Following the emergency situation, the administration of the amusement park has immediately closed entrance doors and asked people to stop filming the frightful moments.

However, the incident exposed the lack of arrangements in case of an accident or emergency situations of the Chunky Monkey’s administration as the on-duty staff members were seen totally clueless about how to rescue the people.

Later, the administration found a solution to rescue people by tying two ladders with a rope and evacuate citizens from the high-peak ride, which increases possibilities of a serious accident. Fortunately, all of the people were evacuated safely after two hours.

Chunky Monkey ride freeze

Karachi citizens, who are present on the location, uploaded this video on social media platforms that went viral.

According to reports, many citizens have sought assistance from Karachi Police through its helpline ’15’ but no response was made from the police department.

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Moreover, neither provincial authorities nor local administration of the metropolis took notice of the incident so far which risked many lives at the amusement park.

Earlier on July 15 last year, one girl had lost her life and 18 other people sustained wounds as an amusement park swing ride collapsed near Old Sabzi Mandi in Karachi.

Taking notice of the horrific incident, caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazal-ur-Rahman had directed to shut down all the amusement parks across the province for maintenance checking. He had directed the relevant authorities for straight off investigation.



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