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Rise in unemployment rate: Govt Report

Islamabad: Unemployment rate in Pakistan is estimated to be 11.3 per cent for the age group 15-19 years during 2012-13, according to a government report.

The age-specific joblessness is also on the rise in early 20s to early 30s (20-34).

It shows that the average youth employment ratio is over 10pc compared to the overall projected unemployment rate of 6.2pc.

The report was prepared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics after conducting a survey across the country for the year 2012-13 including federally administered tribal areas (Fata).

In all, 35,488 households were surveyed in rural and urban areas.

Based on the survey, the report said that unemployment edged up to 6.2pc in 2012-13 from 6pc a year ago.

In urban areas, the figure is estimated at 8.8pc, and in rural areas 5.1pc.

In terms of gender, the unemployment rate for graduates and above for the age group 15-29 years was estimated to be between 11.7pc and 13.3pc.

The national labour force participation rate is estimated at 32.9pc.

Province-wise labour force participation rate shows that Punjab (35.3pc) and Sindh (32.6pc) follow the national pattern, while KP (25.7pc) and Balochistan (28.4pc) are at lower end.

The hike in employment stems more from rural (1.29m) than urban areas (0.60m).



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