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Robber flees in rickshaw after looting a bank

He came, he saw and he looted the bank, like if it was a mere game.

According to details, a lone robber arrived at a private bank located in Boat Basin area of Karachi’s Defence area. He stormed the bank, injured the security guard and looted Rs six lac.

The dacoit after collecting the cash got into a rickshaw outside and fled the scene with much ease.

Criminals no longer require a gang, or high-speed vehicles to manage a getaway after committing robberies and it seems that for them it is simply like shopping vegetables from a market.

A similar robbery had taken place in Buffer Zone area a few days ago, where another criminal entered into the bank, who failed to load his pistol and then terrified the people by waving a grenade in his hand.

He then broke the cash-counter and looted whatever cash was found there.

The criminal himself was too confused as he forgot his pistol at the cash-counter and returned from the main entrance to take it back.

The bank staff and the security guards were too terrified to take action during all this time and when they went after the robber, he had fled away on his motorbike.



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