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ROs decide to hold re-polling in 26 KP polling stations

According to details, the decision was taken in the meeting of ROs in Peshawar on Monday morning.

Rampant complaints regarding irregularities in local government elections were discussed in the meeting.

The presiding officers had registered written complaints that fake votes were caste in several districts of the province and some ballot boxes were also broken during the local elections.

The re-election will be held in 26 polling stations including the ones in Mashokhel, Hazaarkhwaani and Ghalla Godown.

Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) Pakistan in its report has stated that upto 26 percent of the Local Government Elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) were rigged

The report also held the KP government and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) responsible for the disorganization in the polls.



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