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VIRAL PICTURES: Royal couple travels on commercial flight, carries own bags

A video showing Swedish royal couple carrying some of their own bags is going viral and  social media users are all praise for the self-made and humble couple.

A video shared from an Indian airline’s official account, showed Swedish royal couple- King Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus and Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath- carrying some of their own bags.

The video shows the king was carrying a briefcase sort of thing along with a bundle of files in his arms. The queen was also carrying her bag and a flower bouquet, as the Indian authorities welcomed both of them at the Delhi airport for a five-day visit.

Not only that the royal couple was carrying their own bags, they also traveled on a commercial flight to visit India on an official tour.

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The social media users, who were all praise for the couple, also called for leaders in the country to adopt the same attitude, shedding VIP culture.

One user even lamented top authorities in the country saying carrying their bags was too far to be achieved as even social media accounts of politicians and corporate bosses are run by their personal secretaries.



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