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World royal fashion designer Joao Rolo soon to launch his collection in Pakistan

Pakistan is fast progressing with the sacrifices of our armed forces and the commendable efforts of proud Pakistanis who are doing their tireless efforts day and night to make this country rise again.

This fact is also reflected by world royal fashion designer Joao Rolo’s agreeing to soon launch his collection in Pakistan.

The world’s top Portuguese Fashion designer, Rolo, despite of all the negative perception about Pakistan, has decided to launch his unique collection of western costumes with some eastern blend in Pakistan.

Veteran Pakistani journalist Azfar Bukhari tempted the world’s most famous fashion celebrity on this idea as the latter was on a two-day tour of Islamabad.

Rolo has been one of the most favorite costume designers for most of the royal families in the Middle East and Europe for the last two decades. Besides the royal elites, he is equally popular amongst Hollywood stars.

Rolo, for the first time in Pakistan, held his fashion show at Portuguese national day ceremony in Islamabad.

While addressing the media at the reception hosted by the journalist, Rolo has said that his venture in Pakistan will definitely open the doors of new opportunities to the talented Pakistani designers in the west .

He further said that after the end of waning of terrorism the world was focusing Pakistan as a progressing and moderate nation.

“For me Pakistan is as safe as Europe,” he said.

Rolo has praised the work of Dure Shahwar, a famous Pakistani fashion designer, and formally offered her a joint venture in Pakistan.

He said that Pakistanis were very hard working and the talent that he had experienced in Pakistan had no comparison with anywhere else in the world.

In a message on his company’s social media page, the designer said: “Thank you Pakistan for such reception! I return to Portugal with the absolute certainty that we will enjoy a moment that will be remembered for a long time in the fashion sector in this beautiful country. See you soon.”

Bukhari, on this occasion, expressed hope that very soon few other international celebrities would visit Pakistan who would likely offer joint ventures in the field of fashion and other conventional trade.



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