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Royal Palm Country Club retaken from default company: Saad

“The club constructed on Railway land was given on a faulty lease contract, without any tender process, during the tenure of a dictator,” he said while addressing a news conference in Lahore.

He said some people had asked him to interfere in the matter of Royal Palm Club, however he knew that interfering in this matter was like interfering in status quo.

Saad said the agreement between Royal Club and Pakistan Railways was done in a corrupt manner and the agreement had been later misplaced.

He said the people of status quo and defaulters have maintained relations in every organization. Those people unfortunately had influential status in the country.

“Corrupt people are very strong in the country because supporters of status quo are present everywhere. These people, if not defeated, would lead the country to turmoil,” he said.

The minister alleged that through forgery, annual rent of the club was reduced from Rs21.6 million to Rs2.166 million.




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