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Guard killed, Rs8m looted in Hyderabad bank heist

HYDERABAD: A security guard was killed while trying to foil a heist at a private bank branch in Hyderabad on Friday, reported ARY News.

According to police, suspected robbers stormed the bank in the city’s Bhittai Nagar neighbourhood and made off with Rs 8 million in cash and the disc video recorder (DVR) of CCTV cameras installed in the bank.

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The robbers strangled a security guard to death when he attempted to foil the robbery bid, the police said.

They said investigation into the heist has been launched with CCTV footage of the area collected to trace the robbers.

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In April, four men had broken open around three dozen lockers at a branch of a private bank near Karachi’s Sakhi Hassan area and made off with valuables worth millions of rupees.

The robbers entered the bank at around 9pm and left early Sunday morning at 5pm, Senior Superintendent of Police (SPP) Central Malik Murtaza said. During their 8-hour long stay inside the branch, they broke open 34 lockers, he added.



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