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Rulers have to be administered ‘anti-corruption’ drops: Siraj

Addressing a public meeting here in Lahore on Sunday, Haq said that a country-wide strike will be observed against corruption on the first of May.

He said that the rulers have to be administered “anti-corruption” drops.

He asked that why the steel mills of Pakistan are going in loss when the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s steel mills in Saudi Arabia earning profit. He added that half of the total population do not have access to clean water

“People are being forced to sell their body parts due to poverty in the country whereas people are also committing suicide and are killing their children,” Haq said.

“Now the poor will stand up for its rights because the nation will no longer tolerate corruption,” he added.

Haq claimed that his party and his party leaders never did corruption.

Those looting nation’s wealth will not be… by arynews



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