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Rulers only interested in their business, rule: Dr Qadri

Addressing the participants of the both PTI and PAT sit-ins, Dr Tahirul Qadri said the parliamentarians today talked about the constitution, whose 40 articles that guarantee basic human rights, are suspended by them. He said, “We want trial of these rulers under the article 6, for suspending the 40 articles of the constitution that assure social justice, food, clothing, accommodation, health and education to the masses”.

The PAT chief said our struggle is for the restoration of these articles. He said that more than half of the constitutions of the developed states comprise of articles which guarantee rights of the people.

Dr Qadri said the rulers call it democracy when 14 people are shot dead in Model Town while the entire vicinity is kept under siege for several days. He said your democracy is something else, while our democracy stresses on justice, food and other basic rights for the people.

The PAT chief said that current rulers are much interested in their business and rule; they are not intended to serve the people and the state. He said their democracy means constituting an election commission after settlement, to maneuver the elections through ROs and utilizing the entire state machinery for winning the polls.

Qadri said democracy means accountability across the board, transparency, stability of the institutions. He said that the PTI chairman, Imran Khan kept on requesting for a year to open 4 out of nearly 300 constituencies, but nobody listened to him, adding, “This is what you call democracy”.

Coming to the attack on PTV office, Tahirul Qadri denied that none of the mobsters was a PAT or PTI affiliate. He said, “We do not have people like Gullu Butt and Billu Butt”.

He also lambasted the Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar for stating that the participants of the Inqilab and Azadi March were carrying axes and hammers, asking him to provide the evidence of it.

Taking exception to Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Qadri said eight of his family members are bearing fruits of this so called democracy, including his brother who is the Governor of Balochistan, while 24 members of the Sharif family are there in the government.

He also criticized Achakzai for referring to the marchers as nomads.

Moreover, the PAT felicitated the participants over the registration of the FIR of Model Town carnage as per PAT’s application and read out the clauses to his workers and supporters.



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