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Rulers’ personal relations with Modi worsening Kashmir situation: Siraj

“The rulers are trying to deceive Kashmiris with tender statements. The government’s practical behavior has proved that Kashmir issue is not a concern for rulers, but it is an issue of masses who are feeling restless to help their brothers,” he said in a statement.

He said the rulers were making the situation worse for Kashmiris rather than helping them.

Siraj said that honorable and patriot Hurriyat leadership of Kashmir were fully confident that the rulers of Pakistan had bargained over the issue of Kashmir.

He further said those who looted public wealth would not be able to escape accountability. People were ready to do away with thieves.

“Panamagate has become international issue and is a disgrace for Pakistanis all over the world. The prime minister should present himself along his family for accountability and become an example of self-accountability,” he said.



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