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Rulers trying to subdue voice of truth through money: Qadri

Addressing the participants of the PAT sit-in, Dr Tahirul Qadri said that the rulers are trying to suppress the voice of truth through money. He added that they have enslaved the people of the country and looting their resources for years and years.

Paying a tribute to the armed forces of Pakistan, Dr Qadri said there are only a few forces in the world which have capabilities like that of Pakistani forces, adding, “Our troops safeguarded Pakistan by fastening bombs on their chest”.

Coming back to the corrupt rulers, he said that they are offering money to prevent us from raising our voice.

The PAT chief said, “I have awakened the sleeping people and from Monday a revolutionary school will be set up here to educate the masses”.

He said as the nation is awakened, it means a revolution has taken place, while we have the right to stay here until the compensation of the Model Town incident.

Tahirul Qadri also slammed the ones criticizing him over his dual nationality. He said, “I had all the privileges and comforts, but still I came here for the sake of poor and suffering people”.

“These rulers plunder the public wealth, transfer it abroad and move away whenever they see there is no space left for them” he added.

He said, “I have always served Pakistan and challenged the parliamentarians to face him and answer his queries”.

Dr Qadri said that none of the parliamentarians spoke a single word about the rights of the people, which shows that this is not a true parliament.

The PAT chief also condemned the killing of the son of Allama Abbas Kumaili in the strongest of the words and labeled it open terrorism.



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