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Rules violation in Mehndi lands Umar Akmal in trouble

LAHORE: The auspicious occasion – Mehndi (pre-wedding) ceremony – of cricketer Umar Akmal was spoiled to an extent when he violated the Marriage Act of the province, thus drawing police action, ARY News reported.

The ‘Mehndi ceremony’ of Umar Akmal continued beyond 10pm, a time prescribed by local administration under the Marriage Act, in Lahore on Tuesday night. Besides violation the marriage law, Akmal and function organizers also violated a one-dish rule.

A case was registered at a Heer Police Station. Police said Akmal was not nominated in the case; only catering people and farmhouse owner was booked.

The event was organized at a farm house in Bedian area of the provincial capital.

By the time police galvanized into action, Umar Akmal, his family and the bride had already left for home. Police arrested four of the event organizers for violation of rules.

Earlier, Akmal was also embroiled in a controversy when he entered a brawl with traffic warden and tore his uniform after violating traffic rules. The case was dragged to court where Akmal tendered unconditional apology to let the case disposed of.

Recently, Akmal also hit headlines when he had a spat with a security guard at Pakistan Cricket Board Headquarters in Lahore. The guard had asked Akmal for a regulated parking, but the latter to comply for some reasons and returned home without meeting the PCB officials.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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