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Russian couple erects 400 tonne pyramid replica in backyard

In Russia, a couple has built an exact replica of the Pyramid of Giza in their backyard, weighing in at 400 tonnes, the ritualized replica has garnered attention from world over.

The pyramid is located in a small village 12 kilometres outside St. Petersburg.

The couple made numerous trips to Egypt in order to study the Giza pyramid and the completion took almost a year while the interior is reportedly still being developed.

Andrey and Viktoria Vakhrusheva said that they kept the structure small so that it could fit into their backyard and couples, visitors and families are allowed to take a tour of the anomaly by paying a small fee.

For $50, interested parties can spend time in the underground chambers, and marvel at the statues. The insides are sunken 9 meters into the earth, emulating the real pyramids found in Egypt.

The actual Great Pyramid is thought to have taken over 2 decades to complete. Finished in around 2490 BC, it stands at 147 meters high and held the title of tallest man made structure for nearly four thousand years.

The structure has already started attracting visitors, who come both for spiritual reasons and just out of curiosity.



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