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Russian president only two degrees short of the highest rank in Karate

The Russian President who has been always seen in media engaging in rugged outdoor activities received an-eight degree black belt in martial arts sport of Kyuokushin karate.

Kyokushin is a style of stand-up karate in which the participants wear no protective gear, the fight has only one restriction that bans fighter to strike the other opponent with hands in the head. Putin has participated in this game many times and he will be awarded in December during the world championship of sport.

The President is a former KGB officer who has been awarded with such ranks in past too. He was awarded fifth dan in sports in 2001 and seventh in 2009. He has an eight dan in judo and holds the highest rank in taekwondo which was awarded to him in 2013.

Putin is just two ranks short to achieve the highest rank of this sport.



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