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Saad Rafique alleges Musharraf for defaming Pakistan Army

LAHORE: Federal Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Sunday that Gen. Rtd. Pevaiz Musharraf had defamed Pakistan Army in order to attain his own motives, ARY News reported.

While addressing to the gathering of his own constituency in Lahore, Saad Rafique said Pervaiz Musharraf will not get any kind of leverage as he is a criminal, who involved Pakistan Army in world conspiracies, broken laws and put Pakistan in Afghan war just for the sake of his own benefits.

He further alleged Pervaiz Mushrraf for bowing down in front United States (US) and allowing them to take Afghanistan in their custody.

Speaking about Bilawal Bhutto’s criticism over government policies, the Minister said “ Asif Ali Zardari is in favour of negotiations with Taliban while Bilawal opposes it”, questioning “ to whom should we listen.”

Saad Rafique informed that Rs. 38 billion has been allotted for the Lahore Motor way. He said government is working hard to start Islamabad-Muzaffarabad train service as well as Karachi Circular Train from the current year.




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