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Saad suggests Imran not to turn Independence day to protest day

Addressing a press conference today at Lahore Press Club, Saad Rafique said Imran Khan not to make Independence Day controversial by holding protest march on the day.

“The country is battling against terrorism and under such circumstances recording protest on August 14, which our Independence Day will give bad message to our enemies”, he said.

The Minister urged Imran Khan to change day and date for protest.

Answering to a question, Saad Rafique said giving permission for holding a protest is in the hands of Interior Ministry but he wants to wave the flag of Pakistan on August 14.

Speaking about former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s statement regarding Pervez Mushrraf, he said Gillani put Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and Asif Ali Zardari with such statement.



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