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Saba Qamar to star as female lead in ‘Karachi Se Lahore’ spin-off

At a time when Pakistan’s film industry is on the rise and grossing huge amounts at the box office, it’s only fair we have more stellar films to look forward to. According to local website hipinpakistan.com, director Wajahat Rauf himself confirmed the news about Saba Qamar starring alongside prominent Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain.

According to the director, the plot of the movie will this time focus on the character Moti, who travels from Lahore to Pakistan’s Northern Areas. During the course of the journey, he comes across Saba Qamar’s character.

The director also said the movie will not have an item song, unlike its predecessor. However, it was revealed that the movie would feature a couple of new, catchy tracks. Saba Qamar has starred in a couple of drama serials. According to another local report, director Wajahat Rauf had snuck into theatres and been delighted at the audience’s heartwarming reaction to Yasir Hussain’s character from the first movie. Hence, this was what convinced Wajahat to focus the next movie more on Hussain’s character.

It would be exciting to see Saba Qamar essay her character in Karachi Se Lahore’s spin-off. The first part achieved sound success at the box office, though it could been better plot-wise. Let’s hope Saba becomes the catalyst for an even better flick this time!



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