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Tendulkar’s fans angry at British Airways after airline asked for his full name

Earlier Friday morning, Sachin Tendulkar, who used to be known to the world as the ‘Little Master’ for his batting prowess, tweeted that British Airways had tagged his luggage to the wrong destination. Not only that, he claimed that they had yet not confirmed his family member’s ticket despite there being seats available on the plane as well.

What followed was hilarious, since British Airways replied to Sachin’s tweet fifteen minutes later and requested him to DM them, along with other details, his full name! The fact that British Airways did not know arguably India’s most famous sporting personality, enraged and infuriated most of his followers on Twitter. Here are the tweets:-

As expected, Sachin fans were quick to react, some were furious while others made light of the situation. Here are a couple of tweets related to the incident:-

To state the obvious, the majority of the Indian Twitterati seem furious with British Airways for not knowing the ‘Little Master’s’ name!



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