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Sacks found from sewers and drains in Karachi: local government minister

Shoro said that sacks were found from sewers and drains across the city and that these may have caused the pipeline bursts and leaks that had been reported of late.

He had also claimed that pipeline bursts are taking place due to non-coordination between the contractors and water board officials.

After Sindh Government came under criticism over the issue, Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly (NA) and PPP leader Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah labeled it as a conspiracy against the provincial government.

Several parts of Karachi are wearing a flooded look after many pipelines in the metropolis ‘mysteriously’ burst.

A pipeline near Safari Park ruptured due to which water filled the entire area whereas the citizens are also facing severe problems caused by the overflowing of a sewer at Tibet Centre.

The pipeline burst has also led to crippling traffic jams in affected areas, thus adding to miseries of citizens.



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