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EXCLUSIVE: How a KU grad managed to become friends with Mark Ruffalo 'The Hulk'

Q. Tell us every detail about yourself. Which city are you from and what are your hobbies, likes and dislikes?

Ans. My name is Sadia Khan and Karachi is the city I’m from. After I was done with my university education, just like it’s the story with every other Pakistani family, my parents wanted to get me married. However, I wanted to study abroad and follow my passion, which was photography. I have a degree in Business Management and I wanted to pursue Photography as a profession.

Since my childhood, I’m really into art and design. Traveling is also one of my most favourite hobbies.

Q. How did you get into Photography? Did you study from any institute for that?

Ans. I had done my Bachelors of Arts from Karachi University and flew to London in order to pursue further studies. I did my post graduate qualification in Business Management and Leadership. Whilst studying, I also started taking pictures and very soon, started covering British Pakistani or British Asian community events in London. With every picture that I took, it made me realize that this is what I wanted to do.

Q. How was meeting Mark Ruffalo like? How was he, as a person, when you got to meet him?

Ans. At the first two meetings I did not recognize him because he was so down-to-earth. He wore a hat and sunglasses and when I finally got to meet him, he was extremely courteous. I’d say that after my father, he is the nicest man that I have ever met. He walked me to my bus stand, opened doors for me and even paid for my coffees!

Q. You said earlier that he showed an interest in Pakistan. Can you elaborate?

Ans. Mark Ruffalo was very much interested in Pakistan and asked me a great deal about our country. He talked to me about Islam and Islamic teachings as well. He was very much intrigued by our lively weddings, our close knit family systems and the respect Pakistani children have for their parents.

Q. Were you amazed or star-struck to meet Mark Ruffalo?

Ans. Of course I was! I was humbled by him and it was an amazing feeling just to interact with him.

Q. Did Mark Ruffalo have anything to say about Pakistan or Pakistanis?

Ans. He loved the whole concept we have of marriage and not being into relationships beforehand. Mark also loved how families stay close to each other and children love, respect their parents. For this, he also tweeted to a Pakistani fan that he would come visit Pakistan but no date or time was decided for it.

Q. What was his reaction to the Ajrak? Did he like it or was there something interesting that he said about it?

Ans. He took the Ajrak and after thanking me, told me that he liked the gift. Also, he said that he would wear it when he would meditate.

Q. Have you also photographed other famous celebrities?

Ans. I also photographed Shah Rukh Khan, Govinda, Nargis Fakhri, Shahid Afridi, Deepika Padokone, Abhishek Bachchan, Imran Khan (PTI Chairman), Ali Zafar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Omer Shareef
(Pakistani Comedian), etc in different events.

with Ali Zafar

Celebrities that I’ve met include Chris Hemsworth, Batista (WWE Wrestler), David Haye, Shahrukh Khan, Depika Pedukone, Abhishek Bachan and Boman Irani.

With the WWE superstar David Michael Bautista, Jr

With Bollywood star King Khan

With the Bollywood star Govinda

Q. You have photographed so many interesting people. Can you relate to us any interesting event involved to them?

Ans. There were many interesting moments that I can recall from meeting these prominent personalities. For instance, I remember how Shah Rukh Khan thanked me when I gave him an Allah pendant as a gift. Also, it was really sweet when Chris Hemsworth asked me if I would take a selfie with him. The laugh that me and Nargis Fakhri shared when she said,” Sadia, don’t make me look fat.” This was what she said when I was photographing her.

Q. How did Pakistani people respond to the news that you had photographed Mark Ruffalo? Did you get fan letters?

Ans. I have received thousands of letters, posts, messages, emails and text messages from around the world. Most of them were from Pakistan. There was an article on me which got published in News Da Cris
Brazilian Newspaper in Portuguese Language.

Q. Any message you would like to give to Pakistani women?

I’d like to tell Pakistani women not to restrict themselves to select professions, such as Medicine and Teaching. There are a whole array of fields for women to excel in such as media, fashion, arts, stock markets and other fields of finance. You don’t have to compromise on anything, be it your family or hijab to become famous or successful. Nothing is impossible and with dedication and hard work, sky is the limit for us.

She tweets at: @_sadia_khan
She shares posts at: PariKhan Photography
She instagram at: Sadia Khan



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