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Sadiq suggests Imran to consult SC prior to any protest

LAHORE: Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Ayaz Sadiq has suggested the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan to go to the election tribunals and the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, prior to staging any kind of protest. He also referred to the PTI Chief as a disobedient member of the Parliament – ARY News reports.

Talking to media here on Saturday, Ayaz Sadiq said that Imran Khan should also think about Pakistan, peaceful protest is the right of everyone, but one should not play in the hands of the enemies.

Speaking about Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO), the Speaker told that it will be approved after an amendment and still it does not get approved, then there is also a way of getting it passed by a joint session of the Parliament.

Sadiq, however, negated any kind of confrontation between the Government and the military and said that such rumors are being spread by ones, who do not want democracy to prevail in the state.




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