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Safety for women in India not achievable– Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has always been one to speak her mind and let the world know what’s on her mind. Her bold statements have always made the headlines, since she tends to tell it like it is. Owing to her recent stellar success in the Indian film industry with movies such as Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns,  Kangana was invited to speak at the Women In The World Summit in London on Friday.

As usual, Kangana Ranaut had a lot on her mind to say and the actress bluntly stated that safety for women in India was still not achievable and even thought it to be a little ‘unpractical’.

“I think that’s a little impractical to hope (for)”, she said bluntly. “As women we shouldn’t hope to get our due – we need to get up and get it ourselves.”

Kangana, who is quite fond of reliving her past experiences and struggles whilst making it big as an actress in India, also spoke of how she could not say a word in English when she started her career.

“It was no fairytale. I was nothing like I am today – I couldn’t speak a word of English. In England, people might be understanding of that, but in Mumbai if you don’t speak English, people would ask ‘How does she expect to work in Hindi films?’

She also took to task the negative prevalent mindset in India and stated that women nowadays were expected to be nothing less than suitable brides for their husbands.

“Perhaps the only expectation is that you grow up as a presentable young woman and get a decent spouse. I was a pain, not the kind of child an Indian parent would like to have,” Kangana said.

Kangana Ranaut always speaks freely and candidly. The Bollywood actress is certainly as good with her words as she is when it comes to acting. We hope she continues to star in high-profile movies and keep winning numerous awards and accolades.



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