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Saif Ali Khan speaks about ‘impressive’ Ranveer Singh

Saif Ali Khan has spoken about Ranveer Singh and said he is really impressed by such actors, and it’s hard to believe it is the first or second film for such actors.

“Ranveer Singh, obviously, is very impressive,” he said speaking to Zoom channel entertainment as their Star of the Month. “And so interesting, charming, fun and relaxed guy.”

“I think he is wonderful, crazy and really confident, and not much bothered actually.”

Advice to aspiring actors 

When asked to give advice to aspiring actors, Saif said that actors need to be unique as that is what others are looking for, and instead of being a character, they should bring the character to them.

Another advice he gives is to read about acting, saying even his director has given him a book named The Audition, and he also follows the advice he is giving out.

“There are not many great teachers around. But books are around, so read them.”

“And stay unique, focus on your personality, and bring that into your character,” he said adding that rather than following a big star it is better to be a unique character yourself.

Honest critic 

When asked about his honest critic, Saif was confused between choosing his mother, his wife who he thinks is “too kind” and his daughter.

“But if there is truly one then it is my mother.”



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