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Saif Ali Khan: My life will have two sets of children

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are probably the hottest couple in Bollywood at the moment. While Saif Ali Khan has two children from his previous wife, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, he still has so far none from Kareena. In a recent interview to a Bollywood daily, Saif opened up candidly about his plans to have ‘another set of children’ and how he plans to draft a will for them.

Saif spoke about how he felt at ease with who he was now and how being financially stable felt good to him. Now, Saif said he could concentrate on doing good films.


“I am very pleased with being 45, with the experience and self-awareness that has come in. I enjoy being comfortable with the person I am. There is a financial settling and you look at the films you have done in the 90s and then, one has saved and invested money and you feel secure with a nice house. I feel now I would like to just concentrate on doing some good work. Earlier, everything was happening at the same time and now, there is no distraction really. It’s almost like a second innings for me.”

Saif also stated how odd he felt when he watched his earlier interviews, in which he was young and not as mature as he thought himself to be.

“Sometimes I read my earlier interviews and say this can’t be me. I just sound younger and too quick to comment and I can tell that it was me in the 20s. They call it maturing. And now, I have more patience and understanding.”

Saif also disclosed how him and his mother Sharmila Tagore, had talked about making a will. The actor stated that he had made one but had not executed it as of yet.

“I have worked it out but have not executed it. I don’t know how well wills work. But at least yes, they are an intention. My life will have probably two sets of children. So I think a will will be quite useful. I feel that everyone will be well taken care of and be balanced and happy. I think when my will is executed, they will all be alright and fairly pleased. My mom told me the other day, ‘You make a will.’ I don’t know if she has one, but she wants me to make one. Of course, she has made her intentions clear.”



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