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Son arrested in PML-F leader Saira Naseer’s murder case

HYDERABAD: The mystery over the death of Pakistan Muslim League – Functional (PML-F) leader Saira Naseer seemed to be solved as police on Thursday claimed that her son was responsible for the murder.

The charred remains of Saira Naseer was found burned alive inside a vehicle on December 7 on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Police believed that victim was killed before the car was set on fire.

However, a break through was made when police found incriminating circumstantial evidence against her son, Fahad Shah, and arrested him on suspicion of murdering his mother.

SSP Hyderabad Pir Muhammad Shah said the case was challenging as the victim’s body could not be identified, nor was there any mobile phone or any other evidence found at the scene of the incident. He said that police worked around the clock since the last twenty days before a headway was made in the case.

Giving further details over the murder of Saira Naseer, the police officer said forensic tests were conducted during investigation, and thousands of mobile phone numbers were thoroughly searched and people were interrogated.

He said that Saira Naseer’s son Fahad has got married recently but she disapproved of the girl of his choice. He also said the she was very dominating and abusive towards her son.

On the night of the incident, Ms Naseer had an an altercation with her son and hit him. Afterwards her son struck her with a steel rod on her head.

SSP Hyderabad further said that the deceased son’s was summoned after evidence was found against him but he did not appear. Fahad, along with his wife, was later arrested from Karachi and allegedly confessed to killing his mother.

Ms. Naseer was the women’s wing leader of the PML-F Sindh. She was elected to the district council in 2001 elections as an independent candidate.



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