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Salman Ahmad promises free Junoon concert if Pakistan beats India in T20 clash

A Pakistan-India match is always deemed as the clash of the titans. With the two South Asian cricketing giants pitted against each other, it is bound to be one hell of a classic when the battle ensues at Kolkata on March 19. The stakes are high and the anticipations are extremely high ahead of the crucial game. But if you think no one can up the ante further, you need to think again.

Pakistani singer and the sole member of the legendary Junoon has announced a free concert of the band only if Pakistan downs India in the much-anticipated clash. See for yourself:-

It seems most likely that Salman will perform alone under Junoon’s name since former bandmate Ali Azmat has ruled out any chance of a reunion. Azmat and Salman went through a bitter feud which prompted Ali Azmat to leave the band and pursue a solo career.

Now that’s what you call icing on the cake!



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