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Salman Ahmed reinvigorates Junoon spirit with Shaniera, Wasim in latest music video

A driving force behind Pakistan’s iconic pop band ‘Junoon’ is finally back to send you into reminiscence. The Sufi-Rock group celebrates its silver jubilee next month with acclaimed guitarist behind the band’s success, Salman Ahmed, is set to reinvigorate the music fans, once again. 

A latest melody “Door Bohat Door” whistled by Salman Ahmad, who is one of a pioneer musician contributing immensely in the Pakistani music industry ever since and his works are undeniably an incredible piece of art.


“ Door Bohat Door” has its own unique diversity.  The song is beautifully shot by Humza Yousaf, a young and talented director who is known by his previous powerful composition like “Dushman Ke Bachon Ko Parhana Hai”. The song is shot at a scenic location in Gwadar, Baluchistan, which is also depicting a new journey that counts a new Pakistan in coming years.

Choosing this location itself is a big story within. Salman describes it: “Picking Balochistan as a central spot for shooting also puts in the picture that it’s not volatile region, as generally believed.”

I wanted to show, he said, the beautiful side of the region, – Balochistan has natural beauty, mountains, oceans, beaches and the terrific landscape.

What’ so special about the song is it features Shaniera Akram, wife of legendary Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. It was a maiden experience for the gorgeous lady to star in a pop video.

“Let me be very honest, she is a natural actress,” says the ex-cricketer Akram.

The song basically revolves around three lives, three situations, it reminds us of the cultural and unusual binds that shackles an individual’s soul and drowns in the well of disparity, however this beautiful indie anthem articulates the hope and audacity to move on and never to give up which may allure the idea of break free.


Wasim Akram candidly expressed that idea of the song impressed him to the core, hence prompting him to become a part of it.

“Besides, Junoon has always been my favourite band. It’s always been my beloved rock band. That’s another reason…”

The song also features Pakistan’s super model Rabia Butt who has played an effective part in the video, she reveals a reflection of a dark soul who is super creative but the circumstances bound her capacity to be more prominent.


Furthermore, Waseem Akram’s character is a sheer demonstration of a forced relationship which was a rebound and hence he cut loose and was content with the decision, and lastly, the image of a little girl who has been living in misery from a very early age was demotivated by her family chains and continuous arguments which was eroding her innocence.

To put it in a nutshell, the video illustrates the notion of self-motivation and brings out the best of the positivity which yields the idea of moving forward and achieving your goals, no matter how hard and dark the time is, there is always a ray of light and mends the way to its ultimate destination.

This video definitely flaunts the truth and beauty of moving ahead, focusing on the aims which needs to be taken care of.

Starring: Rabia Butt, WasimAkram, Shaniera Akram

Director + Cinematographer/DOP: Humza Yousaf

Singer: Salman Ahmad (Junoon)



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