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Salman Khan boycotted by photogs

“Salman Khan needs to apologise to us or else we will not photo graph him. The blackout will continue till July 25 when his film ‘Kick’ hits theatres. We will not click him even if we see him cycling at Bandstand. Our union will take up the issue at a meeting on Monday,” a photographer told.

At a promotional event last Friday, the actor’s rude behavior irked some of the photographers. Apparently, Salman’s bodyguards and the venue’s security personnel manhandled the cameramen. However, Salman is bindaas about the photographers decision to boycott him.

What further irked the cameramen was when Salman issued a statement saying: “Those who want to cover the event are welcome to stay, the rest can leave if they wish.”

Salman wrote on his twitter handle, “This is wat I call a stand, the photographers r gonna loose out on wrk, but hv still taken a decision not to take my pics, happy fr them.”

He added, “I wld hv immense respect for them if they keep this stand.” (sic).

This incident had to happen just before the release of Salman Khan’s movie KICK. However, according to sources, the film’s producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala is cool about the situation.

Asource close to the film said, “The photographers are getting more aggressive and unreasonable by the day. They refuse to follow instructions. Salman does not need to apologise as it was not his mistake, he did not touch anybody.”



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