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Salman Khan ditches family he had promised to adopt

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is adorned and admired by millions of fans from across the world. One reason for Salman Khan’s skyrocketing popularity and cult following across the world is due to his charitable activities, that he supports from his Being Human foundation. Whilst in Kashmir shooting for his blockbuster flick Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman Khan had promised to adopt an impoverished family there.

However, the family has now come forward and claimed that Salman Khan has averted from his promise and is currently not in touch with the family. Salman had made headlines when he adopted a 75 year-old woman, her 40 year-old daughter and four grandchildren whilst shooting in Kashmir. He had offered to help them financially and have their grandchildren settled in Mumbai. Work on their house had already begun and Salman Khan had also promised to employ 18 year-old Gowhar Ahmad Bhat, the only boy from the family, in the art department on the sets.

Now that Salman Khan has wrapped up his shooting and is no longer in Kashmir, the family has claimed that the actor has shied away from his promises. All help has been withdrawn too. This is what Gowhar revealed, whilst talking to a leading Indian tabloid:-

“I’ve tried to call his (Salman’s) bodyguard, Shera, several times. He never answers and sometimes his phone is out of reach. Before the release of the film, they would call us, but now they’ve stopped taking our calls. I’ve left my studies and I’m looking for odd jobs to support my family, still hoping that Salman Khan will keep his promise to us.”

A local contractor who had worked on the house, also said that he had a pending bill of Rs 261,000 from Salman but whenever he contacted the actor, his associates told him that he was traveling and would pay up when he was free.

However, a source close to the actor told that such news was fake and Salman was indeed committed to help the family. The source also disclosed that the house would be ready in a month’s time.

“Once the house is complete we will send picture of it and you will see for yourself that Salman kept his promise.”



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