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Salman Khan extends benevolence towards widow’s family

Salman Khan has been known for his acts of generosity, whether it be gifting his female co-stars expensive cars or running the ‘Being Human’ charity organization. The actor recently showed a family in  a rare act of kindness by helping them out immensely.

As Salman was busy shooting the final scenes for his upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijan, a 75 year old woman Zaina Begum approached the actor during his filming session and complained about her fortunes. The old woman, according to reports, complained to Salman about the arduous task of raising four grandchildren. her widowed daughter had also moved in with her and she was finding it hard to provide for the large family all by herself.

Salman Khan showed extreme generosity when he promised Zaina begum’s eldest grandson that he could stay with him as long as he was in Kashmir and then accompany him to Mumbai, where he could work with Salman. The Bollywood actor is currently in Pahalgam shooting with his co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui and very soon, Kareena Kapoor Khan is also expected to join the cast.

Many people can argue the fact that Salman did the above act merely as a publicity stunt, as the actor is most likely tensed these days, due to his recent court cases. Salman wrapped up his shoot yesterday in Pahalgam to fly to Jodhpur where the verdict of his black buck shooting case from 2002 awaits him. On May 6,the actor will also be presented with the verdict of his hit and run case. If found guilty, Sallu mian might be slapped with a 10 year imprisonment sentence, a verdict which might not bode well for the actor’s acting career.

It must be noted that the actor’s siter Arpeeta Khan was also adopted by Salman. Let’s give Salman the benefit of doubt, considering the fact that he does have a knack for performing benevolent acts now and then!



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