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Salman Khan fan commits suicide, after failing to watch PRDP

Salman Khan is arguably the most successful Bollywood superstar today, having monstrous hit films to his credit such as Dabangg and the most recent, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Wherever Salman goes, a huge crowd gathers and the star is always the center of attention. Owing to his celebrity status, Salman has quite the dedicated fan following.

One such dedicated fan resorted to taking his own life. A young man from Indore named Dharmendra Kushwaha, got into a scuffle with the manager of a cinema when he was denied tickets to Salman Khan’s movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. It was the opening night of the movie and Dharmendra desperately wanted to watch the movie in the cinema.

The scuffle continued when the manager of the cinema got to Dharmendra’s house and attacked him.

“The two exchanged verbal assaults and theĀ matter escalated when the manager came to our house along with some of his friends and attacked Dharmendra,” recounted his brother.

Using his mother’s saree, the young Dharmendra hung himself. His body was discovered by his mother, who tried to help him by calling other relatives but to no avail. He died on arrival at the hospital.



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