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Salman Khan fan gets thrashed by the actor’s bodyguard

Like millions of other fans of the Dabangg superstar, Sanaullah Rehman was also ecstatic at the possibility of seeing Salman Khan in real-life. The ardent fan was waiting outside the star’s Galaxy Apartments residence, clicking pictures of his flat. Sanaullah Rehman also tried to take a snap or two of Salman Khan, but much to his dismay, Salman’s bodyguard put an end to that.

Salman’s bodyguard was on his surveillance rounds, when he caught site of Sanaullah taking pictures. Sources revealed that the bodyguard chased Rehman around, before finally catching up to him. Taking him behind a rickshaw, the bodyguard repeatedly slapped him for taking pictures of Salman’s sea-facing apartment, even though Sanaullah tried to explain himself.

Looks like Salman Khan’s bodyguards are always vigilant and on the prowl for any potential intruders or even simple fans who like to click the superstar, or his apartment for that matter!



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