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Salman Khan gifts Namaz painting to Arpita

We never figured Salman for the religious type but Sallu Mian has left us intrigued yet again. His sister Arpita Khan recently got married and reportedly Salman left her priceless gifts (as he should have). Apparently the charismatic Bollywood action hero chose to gift her recently something very subtle, simple and religious; a painting displaying the different postures of namaz!

Salman’s present was very well received and Arpita claimed that this was the best and most cherished gift she had ever received from anyone. The icing on the cake was the fact that Salman had took the pain to paint the picture himself! Yes, it seems that Dabangg Khan can not only flex muscles and star in blockbuster hits, he’s quite good with the paint brush as well!

Salman has been known for his generosity and magnanimity. Termed as a man with a big heart, his contributions towards uplifting the poor’s conditions are unmatched. His charitable organization, Being Human also provides relief to the common man.




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