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Salman Khan might sing in upcoming movie!

He’s done it before, he can do it again! Bollywood’s macho actor Salman Khan might be famous for a lot of stuff (high-flying action sequences, catchy one-liners or interesting dance maneuvers) but most ofSalman Khan, who sang in last year’s film Kick, might let the world hear more of his vocal skills in his upcoming production film Hero.

According to a local Indian website, Salman has already sung a song which might be used in Hero. The song will be used in the video and Salman himself will also feature in it. Hero will be produced by Salman himself and will feature Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj Pancholiya along with superstar Sunil Shetty’s daughter, Athiya Shetty. Sooraj, who has been mentored by Salman Khan himself, looked impressive with a sturdily built body and muscular figure when the first look for Hero was revealed.

Direction for Hero will be handled by Nikhil Advani and the movie will also feature several veteran Bollywood actors with these fresh faces. Actors Vinod Khanna and Govinda will be featured in the movie as well, with a slated special guest from Salman. Hero is a remake of the 1983 Subhash Gai film, also titled Hero. Jackie Shroff, who used to be a sought after actor back in the day, also starred in the movie.

Hero will be a much anticipated film for all the reasons stated above. However, the fact that Sallu Mian will be lending his voice again for all to hear, is the most captivating part. Salman’s voiced fared well in Kick, however it remains to be seen if the Bollywood superstar can pull off yet another successful film song?

Also, will this new Hero film live up to the original film’s status or will the inexperienced cast combined of Shetty and Pancholi disappoint movie enthusiasts? Lots of eyes will be on Athiya Shetty’s onscreen debut.



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