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Salman Khan prefers wedding over three khans film

After the recent reunion of the Khan’s trinity (Salman, Shah Rukh and aamir khan) all the fans are expecting to see a masterpiece starring the three khans together. When the most eligible bachelor of bollywood Salman Khan was asked the same question he said he would rather marry than working on a film having three Khans in it.

Salman Khan was attending an award night in Mumbai where he was asked about his 2015 plans. He was asked what he would like to see happening in 2015 whether  it would be Salman Khan getting married or Bollywood’s Khans  trinity doing a film together.

To this Salman Khan aka Dabang Khan said “I would rather see myself getting married than the three Khans doing a film together.” Salman who is known for surprising the audiences surprised the reporters too by this reply.

The superstar is currently working on his film Bajrangi Bhaijan along with Kareena Kapoor, the film is slated to release on 17th July 2015.




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