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Salman Khan puts his foot down as far as on-screen intimacy is concerned

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is known not to be a fan of intimate scenes and kissing on-screen. The fact is evident, since you can rarely find a scene of Salman locking lips with a Bollywood actress, in an era when on-screen intimacy is gaining popularity in the Indian cinema.

Salman Khan, who is producing the upcoming much-talked about movie Hero, reportedly edited out 30 minutes from the flick which also included a kissing scene.

Salman Khan

The actor said, “There is no kissing scene in the film. We wanted to put one but they (filmmakers) refused. I have not done kissing scene (generally), how can I ask them (Sooraj and Athiya) to do it. I don’t think they also wanted to do a kissing scene.”

Hero stars promising newcomers Sooraj Pancholi and Bollywood veteran Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty. As far as promoting the new stars was concerned, Salman was a little concerned as regards to the move also backfiring.

Salman Khan

“It (established actor promoting newcomers) could also turn the other way round since Salman is producing the film but not acting in it. It could work against is,” he said.

Salman Khan

“If Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra would launch newcomers then people would go to see that film of newcomers. I am here promoting them is a big scare,” he added.

Salman Khan has done more than promote the two upcoming actors via his production. The Dabangg actor has also lent his voice to the movie, as both Athiya and Sooraj will be picturised on a track which will be crooned by Salman.

Speaking on his singing prowess, Salman stated that he was a better singer than his rival-turned-friend and colleague Shah Rukh Khan.

“No chance… it’s a losing battle. Don’t listen. He (Shah Rukh Khan) will raise my hand (in victory).” The actor-producer said they wanted an established singer for the movie and chose Amaal Malik. “I felt, why not take Amaal… He has the tune, he has composed the song (title song) well and he also sings well. If Himesh Reshamiya and Sajid Wajid can sing. His uncle (Anu Malik) also sings then why not him? He should get a chance,” said Salman.



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