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Salman Khan threatens to leave Twitter if fans keep trolling Shah Rukh, Aamir

Even more interesting, Dabangg Khan referred to his two colleagues as ‘friends’. Salman’s rivalry with Shah Rukh is well known to the general public. The Khan trio, consisting of Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir (who are all almost 50 now) command huge sales at the box office and almost all of their films are guaranteed successes. Hence, competition is always high between the three megastars.

In a flurry of tweets last night, Salman raged at those fans who were embroiled in the heated debate whether it was Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir who deserved the number one spot in the Indian film industry. He also cautioned those fans to mend their ways who were abusing his fellow colleagues, that he would leave Twitter if they did not stop with their abusive tirade with each other.


Salman and Shah Rukh recently mend their ways, with the latter visiting Salman a day before his verdict for the hit-and-run case was to be announced. Also, there were reports that the three Khans would work in a film together, which was soon rubbished by Shah Rukh.

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