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Salman Khan’s girlfriend Lulia Vantur insecure over his closeness with Daisy Shah

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has ruled many hearts within and outside the Indian film industry. Owing to his good looks and stellar acting skills, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Bollywood actor has many females vying for his attention. Recently, rumours starting doing the rounds that Salman Khan had a heated argument with girlfriend Lulia Vantur. Media speculations suggest his Romanian girlfriend was particularly upset with his growing closeness to actress and Salman’s mentee Daisy Shah!

A source told an Indian website: ”Salman and Iulia argue a lot these days. He doesn’t pay any heed to her complaints. After all, why should he change his ways for her?”
The source further revealed how Lulia expressed her particular grievances with Daisy Shah, whom Salman has been known to be close with, ever since her first film. Salman has helped many Bollywood actresses over the years and Daisy Shah is no exception. The actress got her big break when she starred with Salman in Jai Ho, which brought her into the limelight.

Most recently, the actress’ latest flick Hate Story 3 with Zarine Khan performed well at the box office and gained notoriety for its bold scenes. While promoting the flick, Daisy Shah had said that she was afraid of Salman Khan.
“I was little apprehensive and a little skeptical about doing the film. Obviously then I had to go to Salman and keep him in the loop as he was already inmthe picture. He gave me some valid reasons and made me understand that why I should do this movie.”

She also said it was due to Salman that she had nabbed the opportunity to star in the movie.
“The role did not come straight to me. Bhushan Kumar (T-Series) was at Salman’s house and when the topic of Hate Story 3 came up, he told Salman that I fitted the role and that whether he should approach me. And that is how Salman came into the picture otherwise he has got nothing to do with the movie.”

Let’s hope all goes well with Salman Khan and his girlfriend Lulia Vantur!



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