Sindh: Salt Lakes that provide livelihood to thousands

By Arsalan Arain

BADIN: The salt lakes with dissolved salt and minerals provide magical view on the confluence of Badin and Tharparkar districts in southeastern region of Sindh.

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Dozens of small and larger saline lakes in the region provides an otherworldly look to the human eye. White salt beneath the upper layer of the dark water of these lakes looks like pearls in the water.

According to local sources, around 50 salt lakes exist in the region, which provide daily 4000 tonnes yield of salt.

Around 40,000 local people presently earn their livelihood from the salt of these lakes. The workers earn rupees 10 for 50 kilogrammes of salt taken out from a lake and hardly earn 300 rupees in the whole working day.

The government support and professional guidance can help the local salt workers to earn more for their impoverished families.

A salt lake or saline lake is a landlocked body of water that has a concentration of salts and other dissolved minerals significantly higher than most lakes.

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Sindh: Salt Lakes that provide livelihood to thousands

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