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US envoy expresses concerns over violence against religious minorities in India

WASHINGTON: The US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback, has expressed concerned over the violence and discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities in India.

Sam Brownback, while addressing a press conference of US State Department through video link, expressed concerns over the state of religious freedom in India.

The US envoy said they were worried over the current scenario in India. He said that the Indian land historically belonged to all religions and inter-religious dialogues should begin in the South Asian country.

He added that violence would be increased if the situation was remained unchanged in India. Brownback criticised that it was very inappropriate to blame religious minorities for COVID-19. He said that the United States (US) is closely monitoring the misconduct against minorities in India.

The ambassador urged the Indian government to ensure the provision of healthcare facilities to every citizen without making any discrimination amid coronavirus crisis. Brownback said that the state of religious freedom in Pakistan was better as compared to India.



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