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Sania Mirza silences BJP troll for calling her “non-Indian”

MUMBAI: Tennis Star Sania Mirza slammed an Indian political party representative on Twitter for calling her a “non-Indian”.

Following the news of eight-year-old Asifa Bano’s rape case who was found dead under mysterious circumstances led Sania Mirza and many other Bollywood celebrities to voice their outrage and disgust over the incident.

Mirza voicing her opinion on Twitter, tweeted;


She appealed to the Judicial system, to do its job and provide justice for the minor;

Following her statement Twitter user Kichu Kannan Namo, who labels himself as a “nationalist” and a social media coordinator for Indian political party BJP, replied:

Sania immediately slammed the guy for calling her a non-Indian and schooled him for vouching for political/ religious preferences above humanity.



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