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Sartaj 'optimistic' over Obama's India visit

Talking to media during a ceremony here, He said Pakistan is reviewing the Obama visit and a reaction will be presented after the issuance of their joint release.

Aziz said that Pakistan’s ties with India are improving as compared to the past. He said that economic progress is not possible without improvement in ties with neighboring countries.

“Only improvement in bilateral ties can guarantee peace in the region, while sports diplomacy can also prove to be helpful in this regard”, said the PM’s Aide.

He said that the US Secretary of State, John Kerry was informed about Pakistan’s reservations during his visit here.

“No country in the region can achieve its goals in the absence of durable peace”, said Aziz.

Speaking about Pak-US trade relations, Aziz said that these ties are improving gradually and President Obama’s visit will serve as a reason for betterment in the regional situation.



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