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Sarwar rejects reports of ‘joining PTI’

I was never a PML-N member, and the Punjab Governor’s post given to me was ceremonial, he told during a media talk in Lahore.

He made it clear that he wasn’t establishing any political party. I will continue serving people in my individual and private capacity, he added.

He informed that he was not leaving the country permanently, adding he would return to Pakistan in some days. “I am going London on a one-way ticket, I will come back.”


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Sarwar said he took the decision to resign as Governor after complete consideration and thought.

He said his nationality will remain Pakistani and he would not give it up to reside in any other country.

We are facing serious issue of terrorism, hence any politics of confrontation is not favourble at all, he said.

Former governor clarified that he had no rifts with Shahbaz Sharif or any other PML-N member.

He asked why do leaders, who visit foreign countries, implement the same system in Pakistan.



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