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Sarwar vows to struggle till “Imran becomes PM”

Speaking to the participants of Dharna Award Ceremony in Lahore, Chaudhry Sarwar said no one can doubt about leadership qualities of Imran Khan.

PTI leader said he will not allow anyone to create differences between Imran Khan and party workers.

“PTI is blessed with brave workers”, he added.

Criticizing the government, he said people are dying in hospitals due to shortage of doctors and medicines.

Sarwar said PTI will take looters to task after coming into power.

In January this year, Chaudhry Sarwar resigned as Governor Punjab claiming that government not allowing him to utilize his authority to solve problems of people. Later he joined PTI.

Sarwar was a successful businessman and a former British politician, who served as a Labour parliamentarian from 1997 to 2010, representing Glasgow Central. He was the first Muslim to sit in the British Parliament.

He renounced his British citizenship in August 2013 after named as the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province.



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