Satirical song ‘Taleem Ki Chutti’ highlights Pakistan’s flawed educational system

Part of the campaign ‘Gao Suno Badlo’, the new song ‘Taleem Ki Chutti’ sung by Muhammad Umair Ahmad is a satirical take on Pakistan’s blemished educational system.

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Muhammad Umair Ahmad’s new song highlights Pakistan’s decimated educational system and the flaws that are apparent for all to see. Aptly titled Taleem Ki Chutti the song echoes the poor state of affairs of the quality and manner in which young minds absorb education in Pakistan. Shot at a dilapidated school, the video may seem simple and subtle but for those who watch it diligently, it contains various symbolic messages.

For one, there are three types of students shown in the video: a donkey, a parrot and a sheep. The expertly crafted lyrics by Salman Haider, leave no stone unturned in mixing reality with irony and exposing Pakistan’s faulty educational system. Ali Aftab Saeed has also done a marvelous job in composing the song. No issue is spared, starting from ghost schools and ending at teachers not discharging their duties properly. The song was released on 1st June, on the occasion of International Children’s Day on social media and seems to be doing quite well, with 600 plus shares on Facebook.

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Satirical song ‘Taleem Ki Chutti’ highlights Pakistan’s flawed educational system

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