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Sattar calls for trace on ‘namaloom afraad’ placing banners

Speaking to media here, Sattar said the banners problems will keep hindering in resolution to real Karachi problems. He called for investigation into the matter.

He said local government institutions must be mobilized and activated to contribute to Karachi’s development.

The MQM leader also praised Pakistan Air Force and termed it one of the best institutions. He said nations who forgot their national heroes never progress.

Read: Three arrested for putting banners with threatning slogans outside SHC

He reiterated that citizens must be given ownership and powers be devolved to grass-root level for maintain long-lasting peace in the metropolis.

Police had arrested three suspects over putting threatening banners before and around Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday.

Threatening banners flourished outside SHC and in Regal Chowk area of Saddar in Karachi.

Sources said Namaloom Afrad (unidentified persons) had put these banners around SHC depicting threatening slogans written on them like ‘whosoever is traitor of movement’s chief, deserves a death’, ‘successors of Altaf Hussain’, ‘death to Pakistan Rabita Committee’, ‘Farooq Sattar group unacceptable’.



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